Dear Jack the dog

Jack the Dog

Jack the Dog

As I stir in the darkness of the early winter dawn I sip my tea

It’s cosy and warm and I could so easily stay all snug

Then Jack comes and looks all wide eyed, his energy contagious

He makes me move as I can’t think not walking him before I am off to work

I step into the darkness, take a breath, take a step and feel…

I feel part of the deepness of the sky and beyond,

I feel attached to the earth her steady pulse in harmony with mine

I offer up a prayer for the new day and stand in gratitude and anticipation of a new start yet again

I feel whole, connected at peace and fresh

I am in love with this moment

And as I turn to make my way home, I smile at the thought that later I can stand in the same spot and feel the stillness of the night sooth my soul from my busy day

Thank you Jack, because if it wasn’t for you I might not make this special time.

About the Author

I have been a practicing therapist for twelve years specialising with women’s issues and young people. I believe everyone is unique and I tailor therapy to my clients individual needs using a range of techniques and skills.