Meditation for Business

Nikki offers meditation for business. This includes Mindfulness techniques. None of her work is affiliated to any religion or belief system. It is factual and grounded in theory.  Nikki offers techniques that she experienced and practised over an eighteen year personal meditation journey and ten years of teaching meditation skills. All the techniques used are supported by exciting new research and science theory.

The benefits of mediation for your business

Meditation in your organisation can be tailored to your unique needs. This could be a one off workshop, a presentation at a conference or an hourly session, eight week course.

  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Reduce work conflicts
  • Promote team building
  • Increase creative thinking
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase productivity

Contact Nikki Catto to discuss how your business or organisation can benefit from meditation.

Meditation was first introduced into our business in recognition of the busy, demanding and often stressful jobs that our key personnel have to undertake.  Nikki has been able to provide us with techniques to stop for a moment, take stock and breathe before moving onto the next thing.  At first there was some scepticism amongst the management team, but we are now on our second programme and the numbers attending have doubled.  The sessions have been described as an oasis in a very busy day which describes the hour of peace and quiet we enjoy, before submerging ourselves into the next work challenge.  The techniques are certainly making a difference to people both at work and in their home lives. Nikki is experienced, knowledgeable and very professional.  Highly recommended to any other businesses contemplating this, and it is definitely our intention to develop this programme wider across our organisation.
Personnel Director at Bluestone
“I find Nikki very approachable and knowledgeable, with a lovely friendly manner.  She makes us feel relaxed and makes our meditation sessions an enjoyable time out from our days that we all look forward to.”
Shannon, Manager at Bluestone
“As a complete novice on meditation I am now hooked, which surprises me.   I was quite sceptical and thought it probably won’t work for me. Nikki has a great approach and her enthusiasm and belief in the benefits of using meditation are very effective. I am now encouraging my own family and friends to try.  So thank you Nikki.”
Elena, Manager at Bluestone