Managing Depression

downloadExercise will also help to improve your quality of sleep, aid with the sense of social isolation often linked with low mood and offer a general sense of accomplishment for those in the darkest of spaces.

Managing Depression Step 1

We do not exactly know what depression is. We know the symptoms and brain regions affected by depression plus many of the causes but we do not know what it is in the same detailed way as other brain disorders. (eg. alzheimer’s)

What we do know is that Serotonin levels are linked to symptoms of depression. It is linked with will power, motivation and mood. We also know that bright sunlight helps boost the release of serotonin.

So, going for a walk in the middle of the day (even if it is a dull day) can be effective to boost serotonin levels.  You might also like to try a light box which can also help stimulate serotonin release.

Now read about taking the second step to leaving depression behind.

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I have been a practicing therapist for twelve years specialising with women’s issues and young people. I believe everyone is unique and I tailor therapy to my clients individual needs using a range of techniques and skills.