Distance Therapy

Using technology like Skype can be highly effective in distance therapy.

Distance, also known as online therapy has many advantages and is particularly suited for those people who are;

  • House bound due to ill health
  • Living abroad
  • Business people who have limited time or travel
  • Agoraphobics
  • Child care or transport issues

I use Skype for the on-line sessions with email support if required. Each client will be responsible in ensuring they are able to set up their Skype account.

The sessions are the similar to the face to face sessions.

Getting ready for Distance Therapy

Please Note: You will need to have a good internet connection, camera, privacy within your own space, be it at work or home and a Skype account. (How do I create a Skype account? Opens in a new window).

Payment will need to be by bank transfer before the session.